FPSO list

Name Owner Operator Field Operator Location Field Country ↓ Capacity
Uisge Gorm Bluewater Amerada Hess   Fife, Fergus, Flora, Angus United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 50
SEVAN VOYAGEUR Sevan Marine Wood Group Oilexco Shelley United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 300
CAPTAIN Chevron Chevron Chevron Captain A,B,C United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 849
IKDAM Ikdam Production SA Ikdam Lundin Petroleum Oudna Tunisia 665
DIDON PA Resources PA Resources PA Resources Didon Tunisia 500
JASMINE VENTURE MV7 (ex-Buffalo Venture) MODEC MODEC Pearl Energy Jasmine Thailand 800
RUBICON VANTAGE Rubicon Offshore Rubicon Offshore GFI O & G Bualuang Thailand 450
TANTAWAN EXPLORER Chevron Chevron Chevron Tantawan Thailand 1000
LEWEK ARUNOTHAI Emas   PTTEP Arthit Thailand  
GLAS DOWR Bluewater Bluewater PetroSA/Pioneer Natural Resources Sable South Africa 585
RUBICON INTREPID Rubicon Offshore Rubicon Offshore Galoc Production Co. Galoc Philippines 450
SKARV-IDUN BP BP BP Skarv-Indun Norway 554
JOTUN A Bluewater Bluewater ExxonMobil Jotun Norway 595
ÅSGARD A StatoilHydro StatoilHydro StatoilHydro/Saga Petroleum Åsgard Norway 920
PETROJARL I Teekay Petrojarl Teekay Petrojarl StatoilHydro Glitne Norway 420
GOLIAT (SEVAN 1000) Sevan Marine Sevan Marine ENI Agip Goliat Norway 137
PETROJARL VARG Teekay Petrojarl Teekay Petrojarl Talisman Varg Norway 1000
ALVHEIM Maersk Maersk Marathon Alvheim Norway 560
NORNE StatoilHydro StatoilHydro StatoilHydro Norne Norway 2000
SEA EAGLE (EA FPSO) Shell Shell Shell EA (OML 79) Nigeria 920
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